Organge County spinal Decompression

Friday, December 28, 2012

Orange County Spinal Decompression

Patients of neck and back pain suffer from numbness, tingling, weakness and severe pain; they lose the function of upper and lower limbs. These symptoms gradually affect their activities of normal life such as sleeping, walking and doing other essential daily works. The symptoms exposed when the spinal disc material breaks through the protective external disc rings of the disc. The spinal disc - consisting of smooth cartilaginous content - separates the spinal vertebras and functions as a shock absorber. Each disc contains a gel-like center known as the nucleus and has a fibrous external covering known as the annulus. The blood flow to spinal disks is normally rare, so if a disc is harmed it may continue to degenerate and not heal effectively. Orange Spinal Disc Decompression provides the important therapeutic benefit of increasing the size of the disc space, providing more space for the disc and enabling it to come back to regular size and operate. To get relief from the excruciating pain and other terrible symptoms, spinal decompression orange county . is an affecting method and it is being popular day by day. Because it is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost effective treatment for disc pain in the neck and back and perform quickly. It is done by DRX9000 or Book , .VAXD treatment which is relatively a new medical procedure in the United States. The therapy has worked for thousands of patients worldwide and it has achieved phenomenal results in numerous clinical studies. As a result, it is now becoming the standard of care for chronic low back pain. Experienced sport injury specialist also available in orange county pain center. Not only back pain, there are many problems like sport injury and other pain that may be handled well by chiropractor in Irvine - without the medication & the surgery. For example, herniated or bulging disks, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, facet syndrome, post-surgical discomfort etc also cured in the spine institute orange county CA. The pain clinic orange county provides spinal rehabilitation program combining DRX9000 and physical therapy by licensed and expert physicians or physical therapists, not technicians. Though the Spinal Decompression is effective, it becomes most effective, when it combined with proper diet & nutrition. This combined treatment solution is not available everywhere, without some specialized Orange County decompression centre. In pain management orange county, specialist Clinicians do not take any consultation fee and first spinal decompression session is free. There are facilities of testing of Orthopedic, Neurological examination and digital X-ray to test the necessity for spinal decompression therapy and that cost not more than $50. Some Insurances cover and the treatment cost reduced 50-90% in physical therapy orange county.

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